Lesson 5 and 6: presenteren

this second start has the purpose of consolidating the reading skills acquired since late 2009 (thanks to an online Business Dutch reading course delivered by a British university), following the original series 10-4-20 published in 2009.

A small change: as last time, from now on I will post online once a fortnight, i.e. a full module (two lessons), as I had to replace the online reading material with suggested (Dutch) readings- and it still takes some time to read something worthwhile (businesswise) in Dutch.

First, my comments on the lesson- in Dutch.

Then, the English original.

Followed by any comment that either marks the mistakes or offers a new Dutch version 🙂

– Les 5: Voorbereiding
– Les 6: Uitvoering
– H. Van Rompuy “Op zoek naar wijsheid”, Davidsfonds/Leuven 2007

monotoon- 90% procent
interessant- 9% procent
boeiend- 1% procent

denkt u aan uw publiek als uw “target”?

ik schrijfte talloos presentaties- en ik heb de kans gehad om iets leren.

deze laatste twee weken ik heb een boek gelezen (“op zoek naar wijsheid”).


het boek van Mr. Van Rompuy is niet een “traditionele” biografie: 18 presentaties.

bent u aan het schrijven van uw eerste presentatie in het Nederlands? lees het boek 😉

ik heb het in België aangekocht- nieuwsgierigheid en ook omdat… ik was op zoek naar iets interessant.

is dat “wijsheid” de basis van uw presentatie?

wijsheid? “de wijze… hij is een man van de praktijk”.

hoeveel presentaties met steeds meer “slides” dan u nodig had… zag u?

uw praktijk wijsheid moet met een begrip beginnen…

u moet uw publiek respecteren 😉

monotone-90% percent
interesting-9% percent
captivating-1% percent

Do you think of your audience as your “target “?

I wrote countless presentations and I’ve had the chance to learn something.

these last two weeks I have read a book (“in search of wisdom”).


the book by Mr.. Van Rompuy is not a “traditional” biography: 18 presentations.

you’re writing your first presentation in Dutch? read the book;)

I bought it in Belgium, curiosity and also because … I was looking for something interesting.

is that “wisdom” the foundation of your presentation?

wisdom? “The wise … is a practical man.”

how many presentations with more “slides” than you needed … did you see?

your practical wisdom must begin with an understanding …

you must respect your audience;)

PS My method is simple- I try to summarize in Dutch, look for additional, relevant material in Dutch (from my library or online), and then see if my text survives Google Translate (i.e. if the English translation of my Dutch makes sense).

PPS of course, I am still in the phase where I think in Dutch through “patterns” that I read in newspapers or books- therefore, sometimes I had disagreements with Google Translate- that I hope to solve later on… either because my Dutch will improve, or Google Translate will evolve (more probable- both!)


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