Lesson 2: cultuur en vermaak

this second start has the purpose of consolidating the reading skills acquired since late 2009 (thanks to an online Business Dutch reading course delivered by a British university), following the original series 10-4-20 published in 2009.

First, my comments on the lesson- in Dutch.

Then, the English original.

Followed by any comment that either marks the mistakes or offers a new Dutch version 🙂

Tweede les van het boek “Ter Zake”.

Het eerste les concentreerde op het standpunt van een Finse baas in Nederland.

Maar wat voor standpunt hebben allochtone managers?

Les 2 is een “voorgerecht” voor uw brein… terwijl het derde gespecialiseerde module van “Business Dutch Reading Course” geeft u meer informatie, op allochtone managers in Nederland.

We vragen immigranten om te zich conformeren, maar… de integratie niet een “one way” weg is.

Toen ik in Gothenburg “Intercultural communication and management” studeerde, denkte ik: “it takes two to tango” (verwijz naar bibliografie)

Keuzes… 🙂

– Les 2 Cultuur en vermaak
– U3: allochtone managers nog altijd dun gezaaid (“Gespecialiseerde module” op http://tinyurl.com/3ukc6jg)
– Fons Tuinstra, “Het Andere Oosten – 15 misverstanden over China en de Chinezen”, Pandora ISBN 90-467-0084-4

The first lesson focused on the position of a Finnish boss in The Netherlands.

But which kind of position have foreign managers?

Lesson 2 is a “starter” for your brain … while the third specialized module of the “Business Dutch Reading Course” gives you more information on ethnic minority managers in The Netherlands.

We ask immigrants to conform, but … the integration is not a one-way road.

While I studied in Gothenburg “Intercultural communication and management”, I thought: “it takes two to tango” (refer to the bibliography)

Choices … 🙂

– Lesson 2 Culture and entertainment
– U3: ethnic minority managers are still sparse (‘Specialist module on http://tinyurl.com/3ukc6jg)
– Fons Tuinstra, “The Other East – 15 misunderstandings about China and the Chinese, ” Pandora ISBN 90-467-0084-4

PS My method is simple- I try to summarize in Dutch, look for additional, relevant material in Dutch (from my library or online), and then see if my text survives Google Translate (i.e. if the English translation of my Dutch makes sense).

PPS of course, I am still in the phase where I think in Dutch through “patterns” that I read in newspapers or books- therefore, sometimes I had disagreements with Google Translate- that I hope to solve later on… either because my Dutch will improve, or Google Translate will evolve (more probable- both!)


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