Lesson 1: meeting somebody

this second start has the purpose of consolidating the reading skills acquired since late 2009 (thanks to an online Business Dutch reading course delivered by a British university), following the original series 10-4-20 published in 2009.

First, my comments on the lesson- in Dutch.

Then, the English original.

Followed by any comment that either marks the mistakes or offers a new Dutch version 🙂

Ik zal nu beginnen- eerste les van het boek “Ter Zake”.

Maar ik geloof dat wij iets meer moeten leren.

ik zou moeten ook het “Business Dutch Reading Course” gebruiken.

Vandaag, de eerste les op cultuur (bedrijfcultuur) en cultuurverschillen:
– Les 1 Contact maken
– U1: islamitisch bankieren sterk in opkomst (“Gespecialiseerde module” op http://www.dutch.ac.uk/reading_courses/business_dutch/homepages/module_2.html)

U zou moeten zien dat onze klein wereld niet zo klein is: wij moeten cultuurverschillen niet vergeten.

I will now begin the first lesson of the book “Ter Zake”.

But I think that we have something more to learn.

I should use also “Business Dutch Course Reading”.

Today, the first lesson on culture (corporate culture) and cultural differences:
– Lesson 1 Making contact
– U1: Islamic banking is growing rapidly (‘Specialist module on http://www.dutch.ac.uk/reading_courses/business_dutch/homepages/module_2.html)

You should see that our small world is not so small: we must not forget cultural differences.


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