Het tweede start :)

er is geen start als het eerste
maar elk eindje ook een start is 🙂

meaning (hopefully):
a second start 🙂
there is no start as the first one
but each small end is also a start 🙂

almost one year ago I shifting just to keep reading newspapers online

the first start had the purpose of sharing a post-A2 learning process

this second start has instead the purpose of consolidating the reading skills acquired since late 2009 (thanks to an online Business Dutch reading course delivered by a British university)

focusing, this time, on the learning experience to resurrect the formal A2, add active (or at least passive) spoken Business Dutch skills, using once in a while articles by online Dutch newspapers.

my aim is the same I applied in other projects: consolidating the new skills acquired, to be able to resurrect them when needed

i.e. shift from extended short-term memory to deep long-term memory, the one that requires some “carburation” to recover its content 🙂

I had the chance to rummage for few hours through Brussels’ bookshops (I was even told that I should not dream, as no such book exists :D)

the one I found? “Ter Zake – Zakelijlk Nederlands voor anderstalingen”, published by http://www.intertaal.nl, marked as B1, also if the last section, on “onderhandelen” (negotiations) brings to level B2/C1

my first review of the book is: if you went through that Business Dutch reading course I referred to before, based on reviewing articles from Dutch newspapers and other sources, you will be acquainted with most of the language

read the online free grammar (the one that I translated in Italian in 2009, available in English on dutchgrammar.com, and as a draft without tables in Italian on robertolofaro.com): that will cover more than what is needed to understand the “Ter Zake” course.

beside a quick review of the book, I listened to the audio part- in my limited experience with Dutch-speakers, it is spoken at a slower speed than the real one

so, if you want to join on this 10 weeks journey… you are welcome to send in comments (yes, including suggestions to improve what I will write in Dutch)

as in the previous 20 weeks worth of articles, if you report mistakes, typos, etc, I will add a comment with your link and the amendment

meanwhile, you can contact me on http://www.linkedin.com/in/robertolofaro or @robertolofaro if you have suggestions or other information, and join me on Facebook if you prefer to send longer messages

as for announces on the new articles on nlschap… follow on twitter @nlschap.

have a nice week-end!



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